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Semaphore Classic Pricing

Based on Boxes: powerful CI/CD runners that each give you 2x the performance over other cloud offerings.

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Free plan

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4x parallel CI/CD jobs

Unlimited open source builds

100 private builds per month

Unlimited repos and users

166 per month

billed annually,
199 per month billed monthly.

4x parallel CI/CD jobs

Unlimited private & open source builds

Unlimited repos and users

Email support

4 Boxes

Each Semaphore Box provides 2x performance vs CircleCI or Travis:

1.7x faster CPU

8x faster I/O

4.6x faster RAM*

* measured with sysbench

Lucas Oberhuber, CTO at Simply Business

Lucas Oberhuber

CTO at Simply Business

“Semaphore is easy to set up, and it suited us really well throughout the years. Semaphore team has been very responsive to support queries — early on.”

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You might be interested knowing…

Will Semaphore 2.0 replace Semaphore Classic?

Yes, eventually. For now, we're committed to running and supporting Semaphore Classic as is.

Note that Semaphore 2.0 contains more than a dozen major features not available in Semaphore Classic. We recommend using S2 for new projects. Our Customer Success team will be glad to assist you in the transition, with grandfathered pricing and technical assistance.

Where can I learn more about Semaphore 2.0?

Start from the product overview. The current Semaphore website at describes Semaphore 2.0 (you may need to log out in order to see the homepage).

What happens inside a box when my build runs?

For every CI job, Semaphore checks out and runs your code inside an isolated container or virtual machine. Around each job Semaphore also caches your dependencies to save you more time in the future. At that point your CI commands run, which can be anything that you need your build or deploy to do.

Can I customize the software environment in the box?

Yes. You can install additional packages, set up custom configuration files, export environment variables and even change system configuration. Just write your custom commands and Semaphore will execute them successfully, as long as they can run on Linux.

What kind of hardware are the boxes running on?

Each box runs on one dedicated Intel i7 Haswell or better CPU core, with up to 8 GB of RAM, and using a ramdisk for I/O.

Do you offer a discount for open source organizations that need more than 4 Boxes?

Yes — the first 4 Boxes are free, and you pay for the rest. When you're ready to upgrade, please contact us to help you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. You can also use PayPal. Customers who choose an annual plan have the option to pay by bank transfer — we’ll invoice you on net 30 terms.

Can I change my plan or cancel anytime?

Absolutely. You can make changes from your organization's Billing page inside the app. If you change your plan mid-month, we'll prorate the cost. However, please note that annual plans are non-refundable and cannot be downgraded.

How does Semaphore keep my code safe?

We take the security of your company's source code very seriously. Our Security page outlines how we ensure your code is safe.

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Available since late 2018:
Semaphore 2.0

  • Implement any CI/CD pipeline
  • Configure everything in code
  • Never wait with autoscaling
  • Pay only for what you use
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