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  • Get up and running quickly with 100+ preinstalled tools
  • Run builds 59% - 101% faster than on other CI/CD services
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  • Build and deploy microservices with native Docker CI/CD
  • Replace ad-hoc manual deployment with automated pipelines
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Profile image of Artem Lypiy

Artem Lypiy

QA Lead at 500px

“It’s really easy to scale with Semaphore compared to Jenkins, where a lot of maintenance and overhead is required. Semaphore just works for us.”

Profile image of Rick Thornett

Rich Thornett

Cofounder of Dribbble

“We love Semaphore! Really smooth onramp process, getting collaborators from GitHub was a snap and it was easy to get the build running. Kudos!”

Profile image of Guilherme Íscaro

Guilherme Íscaro

Software Engineer at Soletta Project

“With the help of Semaphore and Docker, we were able to create Docker images for different architectures and run all our test cases.”