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TJ Holowaychuk


Public log

Structured logging package for Go.
failed tj pushed Release v1.3.0 to master .

Public go-apex

Golang runtime for Apex/Lambda.
passed TJ H. pushed Update to master .

Public go-dropbox

Dropbox v2 client for Go.
failed arxdsilva pushed sharing: mock api calls so it doesnt stuck into possible unwanted errors to pull-request-27 and broke the build .

Public up.js

Up application companion library for Node
passed tj pushed remove unnecessary variable to master .

Public apex

Minimal AWS Lambda function manager with Go support.
failed Chris F. pushed Fix installer for users with a .curlrc to pull-request-809 and broke the build .

Public go-stripehooks

Stripe webhook manager for Go with verification support
passed tj pushed add CI badge to master .

Public go-gateway

go-gateway provides an RPC-style interface to a Go struct (service) via API Gateway for HTTP access
passed tj pushed badge to master .

Public go-decompose

Package decompose lets you arbitrarily de-nest JSON configuration into multiple files.
passed tj pushed add support for calling Decompose on a single json file to master .

Public go-dropy

Higher level Dropbox v2 API.
passed tj pushed add LICENSE to master .

Public go-hpc

HTTP RPC codec for Gorilla RPC v2.
passed tj pushed add support for errors sans-json to master .