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Shadow Robot Company Ltd


Public sr_tools

Shadow Robots Tools
queued Scheduler rebuilt Merge pull request #11 from shadow-robot/F_fix_tests to indigo-devel .

Public build-servers-check

Sample projects to check status of the build servers used in build tools
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Public sr_core

These are the core packages for the Shadow Robot hardware and simulation.
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Public sr_common

This repository contains the bare minimum for communicating with the Shadow Hand from a remote computer: urdf models and messages.
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Public sr_interface

Shadow Robot Interface packages
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Public sr-ronex

Contains ROS packages for RoNeX (Robot Nervous System)
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Public ros_control_robot

Implementation of a generic multi-robot ros_control loop
failed Scheduler rebuilt Merge pull request #35 from shadow-robot/F_#SRC-2879_copyright_fixes to kinetic-devel .

Public sr-visualization

Visualisation tools for the Shadow Robot ROS stacks.
failed maxzieba pushed Adding Tactile check to adding_tactile_check and broke the build .

Public sr-ros-interface-ethercat

ROS driver for the Shadow Robot EtherCAT Hand.
failed Michael G. pushed Do Not Specify Default Serial (#261) to noetic-release .

Public sr_standalone

This repository contains a wrapper library to hide ROS from the end user.
failed Ben pushed Update aws.yml to melodic-devel .