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Public Incident-Tracker

Displays incident data on a map. Technical test for Wave Digital.
failed Deployment C. pushed Deploy PuZZleDucK/Incident-Tracker to to gh-pages .

Public The-IP-Gods

Repository for GovHack 2017 - The IP Gods
deployed Jake P. shipped Zipped JSON, removed Readme folder and updated gitignore from master to Heroku-IP-Gods .

Public Hls

Haskell implementation of unix ls
passed puzzleduck pushed addd CI info to master .

Public Budget-2.0

BudgetHack 2017 entry on "Public Input on Funding Allocation for a Budget 2.0"
deployed PuZZleDucK shipped support -> voice again from master to Budget 2.0 deploy .


Online Checkout Pricing Service (OCPS)
deployed PuZZleDucK shipped improve tests from master to OCPS-server-5811 .

Public dtf-genesis

A band of dedicated hackers from Code For Australia, making a difference in the way we view government spending.
deployed PuZZleDucK shipped qualify readme from master to cfa-dtf DEPLOY .

Public XorElse

A simple java program that XORs two or more hexidecimal strings
failed PuZZleDucK pushed add markdown check to master .