Built for speed and simplicity

Slow builds, unreliable deployment & managing CI/CD infrastructure isn't a great way to build software. Semaphore is designed to make developers more productive.

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Continuous Integration

Deliver robust applications — quickly

Easily automate the process of software testing in the cloud. Make CI results part of your pull request review process, then watch how your team ships working code faster. Best of all? You can get started in a minute.

Flexible CI/CD environment

Fully flexible environment

Leverage 100+ preinstalled languages & tools, or install additional packages in your custom setup. Add safely encrypted configuration files and SSH keys. If it runs on Linux, it'll run on Semaphore too.

Continuous integration for Docker

Native support for Docker

Use the latest Docker toolchain with privileged access to the Docker daemon. Run multi-container end-to-end tests in a fully virtualized environment. Learn more

CI Speed Insights

CI Speed Insights

Visualize your feedback loop. Understand how your builds evolve, and identify bottlenecks across your organization.

SSH debugging for failed CI builds

SSH access for debugging

Got an unexpected build failure? Quickly reproduce and solve issues using SSH access to the Semaphore build environment.

Artem Lipiy
Artem Lipiy
QA Lead at 500px

“It’s really easy to scale with Semaphore compared to Jenkins, where a lot of maintenance and overhead is required. When we need more concurrency we just upgrade. Semaphore just works for us.”


The world’s fastest CI/CD platform

Semaphore elevates cloud-based CI/CD to a whole new level of performance. Whatever you need to build, you'll get there faster than ever with fast processors, high-performance caching, automatic parallelism, and more.

2.1x faster than closest competitor

Measured using the elixir-lang/elixir test suite.

Semaphore · 1m56s — 🎉 Winner!


Travis CI · 4m01s — 2.1x slower


CircleCI · 4m13s — 2.2x slower

Bare metal performance

Unmatched hardware capacity

Bare metal performance at the convenience of cloud. Each execution environment ("Box") is powered by an Intel Core i7 Skylark CPU, 8 GB DDR4 RAM and high-end I/O throughput.

Docker caching

Dependency and Docker image caching

Semaphore automatically caches project dependencies for all major languages, and supports Docker layer caching to reuse images across builds and deploys.

Parallel execution

Parallel execution for any language

Waiting for tests for more than 10 minutes? Running them in parallel on Semaphore will save you a lot of valuable development time — and keep your team in a state of flow.

Semaphore Boosters

Boosters: 100% automated parallelism for Rails

Even apps with 100k+ lines of code can now have a CI build that clocks at only a few minutes. It's as easy as dragging a slider. Learn more

Francisco Ferreira
Francisco Ferreira
Developer at ArduPilot

“I’m a very happy manager right now. We had 45 minutes to more than an hour builds last week on Travis CI — on Semaphore we are usually under 10 minutes.”

Continuous Deployment

Speed up your time to market

Increase your team's focus on the product. Use Semaphore to eliminate DIY deployment procedures by integrating teams and processes with unified pipelines.

Cloud PaaS integrations

Built-in integrations with cloud providers

Use Semaphore's built-in integrations with AWS, Google cloud and Heroku to quickly set up deployment pipelines for the whole team. Or apply a script for custom deployment that you already use.

Authentication with Docker registries

Securely authenticate & push to Docker registries

Build container images on Semaphore and push them to a registry for deployment. Integrations with Docker Hub, Amazon ECR, Google Container Registry and CoreOS Quay help you get there in just a few clicks.

Continuous deployment options

Multiple environments, different strategies

Define different settings and environments for testing, staging, production, or any other environment. Deploy manually or continuously — whatever fits your team.

Project dashboard

See all development activities at a glance

Get a clear-eyed view of your team's progress with a unified view of commits, test results and deploy history for every project.

Nicolas Medda
Nicolas Medda
Software Developer at MyNewsDesk

“The feature I love the most is the deploy button — it deploys directly to production, and we don’t have to keep an eye on it every time. Before we switched to Semaphore, things could get pretty messy. We now continuously deploy a large application over 10 times a day.”


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