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What’s New in Summer 2021

The latest product news and updates from Semaphore.

Pinpoint issues quickly with the test results page

No more scrolling through the long job logs – the test results page is now in a public beta. Your test results output will now render in a new Summary tab on the job page, provided that it’s in JUnit XML format

Take the advantage of this new feature now and:

  • Quickly identify the failing tests without searching through logs.
  • Easily review the test execution time and identify slow-performing tests.
  • Sort and filter the output of your tests however you see fit.
  • Search through the big test suits to find what you’re looking for.

While in beta the Ruby/Rspec, Elixir/ExUnit, and Go/gotestsum are fully supported with more languages to come in the future.

Boost your promotions with parameters

  • Define the parameter name and description in YAML or Workflow Builder.
  • Assign parameter values when manually promoting.
  • Use parameter values in promoted pipeline name, secret name, pipeline queue, or as an environment variable.

Choose what you share

With the new set of improvements in access management, you can now define stricter scopes and clearly specify which repositories you want to give access to. Check out our guide in documentation to find out more about the latest Semaphore GitHub App.


Ubuntu 20.04 is now available

The new Ubuntu 20.04 image is now in a public beta. We suggest trying it out as it comes with a few benefits when compared to Ubuntu 18.04.

You can track all updates to our software stack in our changelog.

What the future holds

Summer vacation season is already here but the search for improvement never stops at Semaphore. Here are some of the things that our team will focus on:

  • A new tab on a workflow level that summarizes tests from all jobs.
  • Workflow Builder support for parameterized promotions and GA release.
  • BitBucket support and integration.
  • Various infrastructure improvements to allow for an even faster CI experience.
  • Additional insights on the billing page to give users a better overview of usage.

We listen to your feedback. Check our public roadmap and vote for features you would like to see or give us an idea for a new one.

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