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What’s New in Autumn 2020

The latest product news and updates from Semaphore.

Refreshed New UI for a Greater CI/CD Experience

Our newly enhanced UI provides you with numerous new options like improved job logs and additions to Workflow builder like fail fast and auto-cancel.

More control over your job and pipeline queues

We have introduced two new features that allow you to set custom execution priority for jobs and to configure custom pipeline queues for your organization.

Android CI/CD just got a lot faster

You can now get your image up and running in less than 3 seconds because Semaphore is now caching images with two of the latest Android SDK versions. You can now quickly learn how to configure their Semaphore workflow by checking out our latest Android example project.


We continue to update our images and software stack

Xcode 11.7 and Xcode 11.6 are now available on our MacOS image. We also continue to update our Ubuntu 18.04 image bi-weekly. Some of the interesting new additions include install-package and parallel version 20161222.

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