Cut your build time to a few minutes no matter the size of your test suite

Semaphore’s Test Boosters analyzes your test files and automatically parallelizes your builds.

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1 Let Semaphore run a sample build in a branch
2 Select optimal number of parallel jobs for your project
3 Life is awesome again

What happens under the hood?

Test Boosters automatically distribute your tests in parallel jobs. Over time Semaphore tracks your build to ensure best possible efficiency. This can reduce the duration of your CI build to that of your slowest test file.

All you need to do is let Semaphore collect your test metrics with one click. After the first successful parallel build, simply select the optimal number of jobs. You'll have test and deploy cycles that are 10x or more faster without changes in your source code.

Supported Ruby testing frameworks

Logo cucumber
Logo rspec
Logo testunit
Test Unit
Support for more languages coming soon

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We’ll do a 30-minute session where we walk you through Test Boosters and answer any of your questions.


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