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Supercharged CI/CD pipelines
for iOS developers

Forget slow builds. Semaphore is the fastest way to test and deploy iOS apps.

Serverless model

Semaphore scales to every git push, and you only pay what you use.

Develop for all Apple devices

Build, test and distribute apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, or watchOS.

Unify all development

Bring your iOS, Android and web developers to a single platform.

CI/CD pipeline for Xcode iOS

Migrating from Travis? Semaphore will run your builds at least 42% faster.

Works with your tools

Run continuous integration for iOS apps made with Xcode, React Native and Flutter.


Get fast feedback at scale. Use popular pre-installed tools such as Fastlane, Homebrew, CocoaPods and Node.js.


Apply Semaphore's high-performance CI/CD pipeline engine to boost your iOS development cycle.


Safely store developer certificates and perform code signing with Semaphore's Fastlane plugin.


Automatically push apps to HockeyApp, TestFlight and more when pull requests are merged.

Josh Adams

“Semaphore 2.0's iOS build support is a great experience. We use it to continuously deploy new builds of our iOS app's master branch to beta testers, as well as to publish official builds of our app. Wiring up buttons to push new builds via pipelines was a great user experience. You should be using this thing.”

Josh Adams, Elixirsips & SmoothTerminal

Features to accelerate continuous delivery

Multi-stage testing

Run tests in a series of sequential stages or parallel jobs so that you get fast feedback, discover issues early and fix them in minutes, not hours.

Configuration as code

Store your CI/CD pipeline definitions with the rest of your source code. Easily collaborate, reuse and repair them when needed.

Dependency caching

Easily make your builds faster by reusing project dependencies between builds and pipeline stages.

Multi-platform builds

Run multiple pipelines in parallel on a single code push. Works great when you want to test your cross platform app on iOS and Android at the same time.

Release mgmt

From a single build, multiple release scenarios. Promote beta builds to App Store Connect with a click of a button, or ship master builds automatically to a third-party deployment service.

Custom dashboards

Get key updates and numbers in front of you. It can be a release report or average build duration. Or status of your latest commits. Or… you get the idea.

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