Continuous Integration and Deployment for Docker

A high-performance cloud solution that makes it easy to build, test and ship your containers to production.

1-minute demo: continuous deployment of a dockerized Java application to AWS ECS using Semaphore

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Why use Semaphore with Docker?

Set up good DevOps strategies and implement continuous deployment for projects of any size.

Seamless Integration with Docker Registries

Since Semaphore is built for high-performance CI jobs, it can build your containers faster than a regular registry service. Built-in integrations let you configure deployment via Docker Hub, AWS Elastic Container Service, Google Container Registry and in just a few clicks.

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Best-in-class Platform Support

Semaphore uses the latest Docker tooling, giving you the ability to install and change any software component you need. Cached Docker images assure that your builds are only doing what they're meant to, and that the time needed for dependency resolving is minimal. All of this combined with high performance machines makes up a winning formula for creating your optimal continuous delivery workflow.

Smooth Developer Experience

Semaphore’s one-click integration with GitHub and Bitbucket, automatic detection of Docker-based projects, and cloud-based continuous deployment make it easy to build and ship your containers without the need to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

“Semaphore’s Docker support allows our engineers to efficiently test and iterate over design choices with confidence. It grants us the ability to easily manage dependencies while decoupling our apps from the host environment.”

Nick Ward, Director of Engineering at General Assembly

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“We have been using Semaphore to build images, render tests in the corresponding containers, pull images from private repositories, and apply blue-green deployment, as well as just to run tests in the dockerizing environment. We are really happy with Semaphore's CI solution in every way.”

David Jeusette, Senior Technical Architect at TextMaster

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“To run our tests, we need to simulate a full container networking environment by running Docker in Docker and multiple daemons. Semaphore is the only continuous integration service where we've been able to do that.”

Tom Denham, Core Developer at Project Calico

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“With the help of Semaphore and Docker, we were able to create Docker images for different architectures and run all our test cases. By doing so, we created a guarantee that Soletta was working on all architectures.”

Guilherme Íscaro, Software Engineer at Intel's Solleta Project

How it works?

Semaphore provides the right combination of service integrations, coupled with technical capabilities tailored for working with Docker containers for a seamless CI/CD workflow.

1. GIT PUSH (to GitHub or BitBucket)

You push your code to a remote repo hooked up with Semaphore…

2. Semaphore runs tests

3. Semaphore builds Docker images

4. Push to Container Registry

AWS Elastic Container Service, Amazon Container Registry, Google Container Registry, or Self-Hosted custom registry.

5. Deploy Container

AWS Elastic Container Service, Docker Cloud, Google Container Engine, Kubernates or other container platforms.


Why Docker?

Docker lets you package and deploy an application with all of its dependencies in a standardized Docker container, allowing you to build and run applications and services effortlessly in any environment.

Scale up with Microservices

Microservices are small applications that you can understand, improve and deploy quickly, which helps you build more fault-tolerant systems. By packaging and deploying services in Docker containers, you can have a continuous delivery workflow with fewer interactions, fewer bugs and less work in progress. Setting up a Docker container takes just seconds, which makes it easy to scale a service up or down at any time based on customer demand.

Save Time and Effort with Standardized Deployment

Docker containers are the industry standard for running applications in the cloud, regardless of the programming language used to build them. This lets a large development team work faster, even with diverse platform components. It also allows you to migrate between cloud vendors without much effort. With Docker, there are no more destructive production updates, as containers make the deployment process immutable: old code keeps running until traffic routing changes to the new version.

Boost Developer Creativity

When your team is working on a monolithic application, it becomes hard to try new platforms and launch new services to production. Docker lets you focus on writing code, without having to worry about how it runs. This enables you to use the language and tools that are optimal for your services. Reduced cost and size of each change empower developers to experiment with creating new features and additional value for your customers.


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