Semaphore Uncut

A podcast for developers about building great products. Join us in discussing engineering excellence with the top experts. Your host is Semaphore’s co-founder Darko Fabijan.

Recent Episodes

Episode 88 · Jun 13, 2023

Kevlin Henney on Code Refactoring

Kevlin Henney provides valuable insights into the significance of refactoring, managing technical debt, and achieving a balanced workload.

Episode 85 · May 2, 2023

Susanne Kaiser on Wardley Mapping

Learn how tech consultant Susanne Kaiser uses Wardley mapping and domain-driven design to optimize software architecture and teams.

Meet the host

Darko Fabijan

Darko, co-founder of Semaphore, enjoys breaking new ground and exploring tools and ideas that improve developer lives. He enjoys finding the best technical solutions with his engineering team at Semaphore. In his spare time, you’ll find him cooking, hiking and gardening indoors.

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