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Nikola Đuza


Public boxbox

Simple, no bullshit development box
passed Nikola Đ. pushed Merge pull request #3 from nemus993/patch-1 to master and fixed the build .

Public rtassignment

App for managing your fantasy characters
deployed Nikola Đ. shipped Merge pull request #25 from nikolalsvk/test-integrations from master to Heroku .

Public docker-test

Docker test image
failed nikolalsvk tried to push Update design on dashboard from master to Docker Deploy .

Public pusher-js-mock

Mock Pusher.js in your JavaScript tests
passed Nikola Đ. pushed Merge pull request #2 from nikolalsvk/mock-channel to master .

Public rails-5-base-app

Base app in Rails 5
deployed nikolalsvk shipped Change Dockerfile from docker-complicated to Docker Hub : complicated .

Public town-parliament

Project for XML course
deployed nikolalsvk shipped Delete amandments from MarkLogic when removing acts from master to Heroku .

Public receipt-yourself

deployed aleksandarbos shipped Added OWASP Dependency check for ReceiptYourself-Externall app. from master to Heroku .

Public simple-static-website

deployed nikolalsvk shipped Initial commit, add index and aboutme page from master to New S3 Server .

Public did_you_mean

The gem that has been saving people from typos since 2014
No activity on this project yet.

Public murder

Large scale server deploys using BitTorrent and the BitTornado library
No activity on this project yet.

Public congrats-you-broke-the-build

deployed nikolalsvk shipped Check if build on master has failed, then load file from S3 from master to My shiny new Lambda function! .

Public note-play

Musical notes recognition and playing. Project for Soft Computing course.
passed nikolalsvk pushed Update to master .

Public demo-app

Node.js app for testing AWS Lambda
passed nikolalsvk pushed Change to semaphore-demo to test-app-deploy .

Public search-some-recipes

App for online course "Ruby on Rails: An Introduction" - Week 3 assignment
passed nikolalsvk rebuilt Update on master .