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Marshall Pierce


Public rust-auxv

A library for accessing the Linux auxiliary vector (aka auxval or auxv)
passed marshallpierce rebuilt Use a generic reader instead of a dyn trait on fix-dyn-trait-warning and fixed the build .

Public url-builder

Create properly-encoded URLs with a builder-style API.
failed Marshall P. pushed Update various build things to master .

Public metrics-guice

Metrics Guice Support
failed Marshall P. pushed Try avoiding getProvider by using requestInjection. to metimus-master .

Public line-wrap-rs

Efficiently insert line separators
passed Marshall P. pushed v0.1.1 to master .

Public hdrhistogram-metrics-reservoir

HdrHistogram reservoir for Metrics
passed Marshall P. pushed Update gradle and various dependencies to get it building on Java 10. to master .

Public jersey2-metrics

passed Marshall P. pushed Use the latest released version of Jersey to master .

Public stream-vbyte-rust

passed Marshall P. pushed use stdsimd instead of x86initrin to master .

Public config-inject

A library to make it easy to inject configuration data into your classes with Guice and config-magic.
passed Marshall P. pushed Add some badges to master .

Public jetty-http-server-wrapper

Convenience wrapper for setting up an embedded Jetty server with Guice Filter
passed Marshall P. pushed [Gradle Release Plugin] - new version commit: 'v1.2.2-SNAPSHOT'. to master .

Public gradle-git-clone-task

Gradle task to clone a git repo
failed Marshall P. pushed v0.0.4-SNAPSHOT to master .

Public jersey-cors-filter

Jersey filter to provide easy configuration of CORS headers
failed Drew S. pushed All annotation tests to jersey-2 .

Public jersey2-cors

Jersey 2 CORS support
passed Marshall P. pushed Get project building with modern Kotlin to master .

Public skybar

Skybar: Live code coverage engine
passed eirbjo pushed Change sourceFiles on update time to save digests to master .

Public jvm-ssh-groovy-shell

SSH to your JVM and use the Groovy Shell to interactively control your code.
passed Marshall P. pushed update to groovy 2.4; let intellij put in the type parameter it seems to want... to master .

Public jersey-new-relic

Uses New Relic's Java API to capture timing data and exceptions from Jersey resources.
passed Marshall P. pushed use wrapper to master and fixed the build .

Public metrics-new-relic

A reporter for Coda Hale's Metrics that writes to New Relic custom metrics.
passed Marshall P. pushed Merge pull request #12 from javierarrieta/logging to master .