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Semaphore Boosters analyze and automatically parallelize your tests in CI.

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Keep your team productive

We got it. You've tried it all, but time from commit to deploy is still growing. You have business objectives and can't spend hundreds of hours optimizing continuous integration.

The good news?

Semaphore Boosters can evenly distribute your large test suite across any number of parallel CI jobs. You can instantly save your team hours of idle time per week.

Kendal Miller Senior Engineer at par8o

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“Boosters is very easy to set up and a major time saver for our team. We reduced build time from over 2 hours to 13 minutes.”

Read how they use Semaphore at Par8o...

Parallel testing integrated in cloud-based continuous integration

  • Boosters is free for all Semaphore CI/CD users — no additional fees!
  • Works with Rspec RSpec and Cucumber Cucumber.
  • No changes in your source code are required.
  • No configuration or backend maintenance is required.
  • Running on #1 fastest hosted CI service.

Brendon Murphy CTO at Kajabi

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“Getting up and running with Boosters was the kind of experience we’ve come to expect from Semaphore — easy and user friendly. We saw tremendous benefits without having to tweak a bunch of dials. We can now get back to focusing on our code.”

Read how they use Semaphore at Kajabi...


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