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Public solidarity

Solidarity is an environment checker for project dependencies across multiple machines.
passed kevinvangelder pushed v3.0.0 to master .

Public thesis-phoenix

Thesis is a lightweight bolt-on content editing system for Elixir/Phoenix websites.
passed Sébastien S. pushed fix: readme and remove extra applications method (#168 by @seb3s) to master .

Public ChainReactApp2018

failed Robin H. pushed Remove circle CI badge for now to README-improvements .

Public gluegun

A low-ceremony toolkit for building CLIs.
failed jamonholmgren pushed Move release to bottom of file to ci/cd .

Public ignite

The ideal starting app for React Native
failed jamonholmgren pushed Consolidate to ci/cd .

Public ReactStateMuseum

A whirlwind tour of React state management systems by example
stopped Gant L. pushed adding the comic to comic .

Public elavon-elixir

Elixir wrapper for USBank Elavon Converge API
passed Zachary pushed Update to remove mastercard reference to master .

Public ignite-ir-boilerplate-2016

A boilerplate for Ignite with best practices we've learned from last year.
passed Sid F. pushed Adds .ejs extensions to pull-request-43 .

Public phoenix_base

Template project for Phoenix
passed danielberkompas pushed Merge pull request #32 from infinitered/add-readme-support-note to master .