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Public gitlab-shell

Replacement for gitolite
failed Andrew N. pushed Protobuf @ v1.2.0 to vendor-update .

Public gitlab-ci

Continuous integration server for gitlabhq | Coordinator
failed Manfred T. pushed Compabitility fix for Docker >= 1.11 (docker/docker#19490)" to pull-request-646 and broke the build .

Public gitlab-ci-runner

Continuous integration server for gitlabhq | Runner
passed Luc V. pushed Fix typo to pull-request-143 .

Public gitlabhq

Open source software to collaborate on code. Follow us on twitter @gitlabhq
failed Robert S. pushed Merge branch 'rubocop/disable-uniq-before-pluck-cop' into 'master' to master .

Public gitlab_git

Access git objects via GitLab Git. Basically its wrapper around grit
failed dzaporozhets pushed Merge pull request #66 from gitlabhq/deprecated-mirror to master and broke the build .