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Peter Lyons


Public mjournal

minimalist journaling
passed focusaurus pushed Merge pull request #98 from focusaurus/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/connect-pg-simple-6.0.1 to develop .

Public express_code_structure

Example of how to organize a medium-size express.js web application
failed Peter L. pushed semaphore to fix-middleware .

Public config3

Get Your Settings, Minus Insanity
passed Peter L. pushed docs: remove standardjs badge to master .


node.js/express.js web app that powers my personal/professional web site
failed focusaurus pushed Tweak ansible to develop .

Public writers-digest

Store files on disk by digest a la .git/objects
passed greenkeeper[bot] pushed chore(package): update eslint to version 4.18.2 (#89) to master .

Public joi-summarize

Summarize joi validation compound errors into a string
passed focusaurus pushed chore(release): 1.1.0 to master .

Public chaimel

chai.js BDD assertion API using camelCase instead of dot.chaining.syntax
passed focusaurus pushed dep updates to master .