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Ervin Barta


Public nightwatch

UI automated testing framework based on node.js and selenium webdriver
deployed ervinb shipped First pipeline from master to server-4775 .

Public suricate

Suricate is a nice open-source software which comes with a different approach than dashing but targets the same goal : display nice dashboards on our tv, smartphone... to monitor our environments
failed Scheduler rebuilt Merge pull request #69 from suricate-io/feature/add-dashboard to master .

Public gatsby

⚛️📄🚀 Blazing fast static site generator for React
passed ervinb pushed Track yarn.lock for gatsbygram to master .

Public react-webpack-rails-tutorial

Example of integration of Rails, react, redux, using the react_on_rails gem, webpack, enabling the es7 and jsx transpilers, and node integration. And React Native! Live Demo:
passed ervinb rebuilt Create a Yarn workspace for 'client' on master .

Public node-js-sample

This is a barebones Node.js app using the Express framework.
passed ervinb rebuilt Add nested dir on master .

Public phoenix

A highly connected web framework for the Elixir programming language
failed ervinb pushed Add jose to master .

Public echo

The Mongoid Demo Application
passed ervinb rebuilt Move to Mongoid 5 beta on master .

Public traefik

Træfik, a modern reverse proxy
failed Scheduler rebuilt Add Tracing entry in the documentation. to master .

Public akka

Akka Project
passed ervinb rebuilt Add dummy CI script on master .

Public vscode

Visual Studio Code
passed ervinb rebuilt fixes #36730 on master .

Public todo-train

A barebones Rails app
failed ervinb rebuilt via API Update README.rdoc to master .

Public docker-elk

The ELK stack powered by Docker and Compose.
deployed ervinb shipped Add Filebeat input from master to ecs-elk-demo .

Public docker-test

Docker test image
passed ervinb rebuilt Update design on dashboard on master .

Public nightwatch-at-day

UI automated testing framework based on node.js and selenium webdriver
passed ervinb pushed Update README to ervinb-patch-1 .

Public laravel

A PHP Framework For Web Artisans
passed ervinb rebuilt Cleaning up comments. on master .

Public laravel-base-app

deployed Ervin B. shipped Update README from master to server-6191 .

Public laravel5-example

Simple laravel5 example for tutorial
passed bestmomo rebuilt Bug on user delete on master .

Public quest-of-rendered-text

failed Ervin B. tried to push Update the Gemfile.lock from master to qort-srv .

Public github-api

Java API for GitHub
passed ervinb rebuilt [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration on master .

Public caffe

Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning.
No activity on this project yet.

Public php-base-app

deployed Ervin B. shipped Update readme. from master to heroku .

Public rails3-mongoid-devise

An example Rails 3.2 app with Mongoid for data, Devise for authentication.
No activity on this project yet.

Public scalania

Learn Scala by examples
No activity on this project yet.