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The CI/CD Acceleration Program

Accelerate your organization to win in the marketplace.

What is this program about?

We’ve created the CI/CD Acceleration Program with the goal to help your engineering team reach its maximum velocity through the practice of fast continuous delivery.

This program will push your team to operate at its peak performance, enabling your organization to move forward on a daily basis.

Semaphore Workshop

What’s the outcome?

At the end of the program, your engineering team will be ready to ship the best of their work quickly and daily. That’s quite a welcomed outcome, isn’t it? So let’s get started!

  • Get a streamlined CI/CD workflow
  • Get solid tools in place to rely on
  • Reclaim your productivity

The CI/CD Acceleration Program is perfect for engineering leaders who want their teams to:

Change culture
Make the culture change needed for high-velocity CI/CD.
Deliver updates
Deliver test-driven updates many times per day.
Remove complexity
Remove complexity and bottlenecks from the delivery pipeline.
Develop software
Develop software in a way that sustains both quality and velocity.
Acceleration Program
Acceleration Program
Acceleration Program

How does it work?

  1. Firstly, we’ll run a CI/CD Masterclass for your team. During this workshop, we’ll share the CI/CD Framework and the best practices that every top engineering team should integrate into their development process in order to achieve peak performance.
  2. Then, we’ll have a deep-dive with your team to understand how it works, what tools it uses, how are the processes organized, etc. We’ll propose the best format for this deep-dive depending on your team’s maturity and size.
  3. After this exploration and reflection on our side, we’ll create a CI/CD Framework and an Acceleration Roadmap that would enable your team to achieve its maximum potential.
  4. If you’d need our further support, we’ll be happy to stay by your side, help you implement the CI/CD Acceleration Roadmap and achieve CI/CD success in your organization.
ci cd case study Andre Foeken

“Semaphore is a CI/CD game-changer. Their acceleration workshop taught us a lot about the CI/CD best practices, helped us level up our CI/CD process, and speed up our software release cycle.”

Andre Foeken, CTO Nedap Healthcare

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