Rails Testing Handbook

Build Sustainable Web Apps with Behavior-Driven Development

This hands-on book shares our experience in getting Semaphore to web scale without ever losing control of the codebase. The best part? These techniques will work both in new projects and large Ruby on Rails applications.

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"I loved the Testing book. I've been writing Rails apps with tests for 10 years, and have used Cucumber in the past. I not only learned a few new things reading but was inspired to add acceptance tests to my current app."
— Greg Silcox, Senior Developer
"It's brilliant. Lots of good best practices that the official Rails guides doesn't have."
— Vishnu Menon, Lead Developer
"I've taken courses that use the same workflow, but having read your book I finally understand how to implement it."
— Bill Fero, Developer

In Rails Testing Handbook, you’ll learn about:

  • How to get in the BDD mindset and apply it in practice;
  • Setting up Rspec RSpec and Cucumber Cucumber, database cleaner and others;
  • Developing features from scratch in red - green - refactor cycles;
  • Writing integration tests as Cucumber scenarios;
  • Writing controller tests using RSpec with mocking approach;
  • Writing model specs with RSpec;
  • How to collaborate via pull requests and continuous integration.
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