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Unlocking the account

# Wrong password account lock

In the top right corner of your Semaphore CI homepage you will find "Log in" button. If, by any reason, you enter wrong password 5 times in a row, your account will be locked due to an excessive number of unsuccessful log in attempts. In order to unlock the account, you should check your email. There you will find link for unlocking the account. That link will be valid for 2 hours from the moment you receive an email.

Note: If you’re still not sure about your old password, we suggest that you change it right after unlocking the account.

# Wrong Two-Step Verification code (2FA code) account lock

If you've enabled 2-step verification for your Semaphore account, each time you log in, you will be asked to enter a new code provided by the preselected mobile application. Same as with the wrong password, your account will be locked if you enter wrong 2FA code 5 times in a row. In that case, please contact us at

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