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Two Step Verification

Two-step verification secures your account by requiring a one-time password, in addition to your username and password, to access your account. This ensures that your account stays secured even if your password is compromised.

# Turn on 2-step verification

Go to your account settings page and click on "Enable" in the 2-Step Verification section. On the following screen, you can choose the authenticator app for your phone and install it.

With an authenticator mobile app, you scan a QR code, and the app connects with the Semaphore website to verify itself. It then displays a six-digit verification code, which you will need to enter within a limited time frame. When the time runs out, the app will generate a new code. Once you have successfully verified the code, two step verification will be turned on for your account.

Note: Each time you are asked to enter your authentication code again, go to your initially chosen mobile application (Google Authenticator, Duo or Authy). There you will find needed authentication code. Alternatively, you can enter one of your recovery codes.

# What to do if you lose access to your phone

Once you turn on two-step verification, Semaphore will generate the recovery codes for you. You can download them here. If you lose acess to your phone, you can still complete the second step of verification using a recovery code.

To verify using recovery code, click "Use backup recovery codes" during the two-step verification process. It will ask you to authenticate using the recovery code.

# How to turn off 2-step verification

Go to your account settings and click on "Disable" in the 2-Step Verification section. You will be asked to enter the verification code generated through the authenticator app, and then select "Disable 2-step verification".

In case you've lost access to the authenticator app, you can also disable 2-step verification using backup recovery codes. Just follow the "Use backup recovery codes" link, enter a recovery code and 2-step verification will be disabled.

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