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Third-party tools

# Integrations

  • Dashing widget: simple Dashing widget to display the status of the latest build for a repository on Semaphore.
  • Project Monitor: Big visible chart CI aggregator by Pivotal Labs. Made for big screens.
  • Semaphore CI monitor: Python based CI monitor for Semaphore. You can run it locally to keep an eye on your projects statuses. It uses Twitter Bootstrap and is mobile ready.
  • Kore: Get build notifications into Kore's collaborative messaging environment and work simply.

# API clients

We’re very excited to see command-line tools and libraries being developed on top of Semaphore API.

If you have something similar in the making, please tell us via email or at @semaphoreci so that we can share further.

# Bash

# Ruby

# Go

# Node.js

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