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This document contains information related to projects based on the Ubuntu 14.04 image. If you are using the Ubuntu 18.04 image for your projects, please refer to this page.

If you are using the Ubuntu 14.04 image and you want to switch to Ubuntu 18.04, be sure to check our upgrade guide.

Each platform update is named with a YYMM pattern, for example the update for September in the year 2014 is represented with 1409. For incremental and bugfix releases, we're using a decimal notation, eg. 1409.1.

Each month a new major version is released, however a previous version is always kept until the next major release.

Projects using the latest platform version will be automatically upgraded to the new release. In the case where a project is using the previous major version, its platform will be upgraded to a version which was considered current in that month. Simply put, when a new update is rolled out, the project's platform version is bumped up by one.

To see the changes for each platform version, visit the platform changelog.

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