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What is the difference between a user account and an organization?

Organizations differ from user accounts. A user account is an account created and used by an individual user for building open source projects, while an organization can be owned and managed by one or more users for building both private and open source projects.

A user account allows you to create open source projects only and invite collaborators for those projects. On the other hand, organizations are used by businesses and teams which have the need to be able to allow more than one user to manage their projects, or to set different permission levels for different teams and/or collaborators. However, organizations are great for individual users, too, since they offer more features such as Activity monitor and Secrets.

Note: If you try to add a private project to a user account, Semaphore will automatically require that you create an organization since it is not possible to build private projects on user accounts.

# Next steps

If you are interested in creating an organization, here are the next steps you can take:

# Further reading

You can learn more about Semaphore organizations on our organizations page

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