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Transferring a project to an organization

Any project in your user account can be transferred to an organization. Organizations allow teams to have multiple project owners and different permission levels for collaborators on different projects.

Only Owners and members of teams with Admin access can add projects to an organization.

# How to transfer a project to an organization

Transferring a project to an organization is simple:

  1. Go to your Account in the main menu and select the Account Settings tab.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Transfer next to the name of the project you would like to transfer.
    Transfer project

  3. Select the organization to which you would like to transfer the project and click on Transfer.
    Select organization and transfer project

Your project has now been successfully transferred to your organization. You can access it and manage its settings under Projects on your organization's page. Note that once you have transferred a project to an organization, you cannot transfer it back to your user account, you can only remove it from the organization and re-add it to your user account.

# Next steps

Transferring a project to a Semaphore organization gives all the members of the Owners team immediate administrative access to the project, and creates a new team to which you can add collaborators for that project. In case you already had collaborators on your project, Semaphore will automatically transfer them together with the project and create new team called "collaborators team for project name". This new team will have Edit permission level by default. If you would like to further limit access permissions for some project collaborators, you can create additional teams with different permission levels, or change permission levels for the existing teams.

# Further reading

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