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Setting up an organization

Creating an organization is very quick and easy to do. Doing it is part of the workflow of setting up a private project to Semaphore.

You can also create additional organizations from the "Create new" menu in top navigation inside the application. Here's how:

  1. In the navigation click "Create new" and choose "Organization" Create Organization link

  2. Enter a name for your organization. While you type, Semaphore will check if the name is available. Enter organization name

  3. That's it, you're done.

If this is your first organization, this will start a free 30-day trial in which you can run up to 8 parallel jobs. After the free trial expires, your account will automatically be switched to a free plan, which allows unlimited jobs for open source projects and up to 100 jobs per month for private projects. For unlimited private jobs, you can upgrade to our one of the paid plans.

Note that you can create as many organizations for open source projects as you like.

# Next steps

When you fill in the form, you will be able to:

# Further reading

You can earn more about organizations on our organizations page.

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