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Removing a user from a team in your organization

Teams allow organization owners to grant, remove and manage user access to projects in an organization. If a user in your team no longer requires access to certain projects, you can remove them from the team that provides them access to these projects.

# Removing a user from a team

Only users who are in the Owners team can remove other users from a team in an organization. In order to remove a user from a team, you need to:

  1. Go to your Account in the main menu.
    Semaphore account

  2. Click on the Organizations tab and select the organization you would like to manage.
    Organizations tab

  3. On the left side of your organization page, click on Teams under Manage Organization.

  4. Select the team from which you would like to remove a user.
    Select team

  5. Remove the user from the team by clicking on the x next to their username under Members.
    Remove user

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