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Granting users permission to manage projects within an organization

Creating an organization is a simple way to enable teams to have multiple project owners. In order to grant a user the permission to manage your organization's projects, you need to add him to the Owners team.

# Adding a user to the "Owners" team

Only users who are already in the Owners team can add other users to this team. In order to add a user to this team, you need to:

  1. Go to your Account in the main menu.
    Semaphore account

  2. Click on the Organizations tab and select the organization you would like to manage.
    Organizations tab

  3. On the left side of your organization page, under Manage Organization, click on Teams.
    Select teams

  4. Click on the Owners team.
    Select owners team

  5. Add the user to the Owners team by searching for them by their username or the email address in the Invite by username or email field.
    Add user

# Next steps

Once you have given a user the permission to manage projects, they will be able to:

# Further reading

You can learn more about organizations on our organizations page.

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