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Creating a team

Teams are groups of users within an organization. Organization owners can grant teams different permissions for different projects in the organization.

To be able to create a team, you need to be included in the Owners team of your organization.

# Creating a team

Follow these steps to create a new team within an organization:

  1. Click on Account next to your username in the main menu.
    Semaphore account

  2. Choose the Organizations tab and select the organization you would like to manage.
    Select organization

  3. On the left side of your organization page, under Manage Organization, click on Teams.
    Select teams

  4. Click on New Team in the top right corner of the Teams page.
    Create new team

  5. Enter a team name and description.
    Enter team name

  6. Select team permissions. You can allow users to access, edit or manage projects.
    Select team permissions

  7. Click on Create Team.
    Create team

# Further reading

You can learn more about organizations on our organizations page.

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