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Assigning different roles to collaborators on a project

Once you have set up an organization, you can assign members of your team different roles with different project access levels.

In order to be able to assign different roles to your collaborators, you need to be included in the Owners team of your Semaphore organization. Owners can create teams, and then change their permissions for all projects.

# Assigning roles

In order to assign a role to a user or a group of users in your organization, you first need to create a team for each role by following these steps.

Once you have created different teams, you can change their permissions:

  1. Click on Account next to your username in the main menu.
    Semaphore account

  2. Choose the Organizations tab and select the organization you would like to manage.
    Select organization

  3. Click on Teams under Manage Organization on the left side of your organization page.
    Select teams

  4. Select the team for which you would like to change user permissions by clicking on the team name.
    Select team

  5. Click on edit team under Permission level
    Edit team

  6. Select the desired permission level and click on Update Team.
    Update team

You can also change a user's role by adding them to an existing team with the desired role and permissions.

# Further reading

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