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Managing public SSH keys for SSH session

To launch and use an SSH session on Semaphore you need to add a public SSH key in your account settings.

If you don’t already have an SSH key, you’ll need to create a public/private key pair. This key-pair is used for strong cryptography and it uniquely identifies you when accessing Semaphore. To generate such a key pair type the following in your shell:


When you create an SSH key pair you will need to copy the public part of that key into your Semaphore account. The public part of the key is usually stored in the ~/.ssh directory and has a suffix .pub.

If you have created a key using the above command you should have a .ssh/ file that contains your public key.

An easy way to display this key is to type the following:

cat ~/.ssh/

# Adding public SSH keys to Semaphore

To get started, open your account setting's Public SSH keys tab and click to add a new key.

Enter a name for your key and copy the content of your public SSH key.

After the above steps you should see your public SSH key added to Semaphore.

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