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Managing email addresses

You're able to add multiple email addresses to your Semaphore account. This can be done from your Account Settings page.

Each new email address you add needs to be verified. Once you do that, it can be used as an option in project's notification settings. Email addresses are globally unique on Semaphore, so two users cannot add (and verify) the same address.

# Why should you add multiple emails

If a user is subscribed to personal work notifications Semaphore will use his verified email addresses to match git commits with his Semaphore account.

# Primary email

The "Primary email address" is the one you are using to sign in on Semaphore. It is also the default address for email notifications on all new projects. Semaphore uses primary email address to fetch your profile photo from Gravatar.

There can be only one "Primary email address" per account. You have the option to change it by clicking on "set as primary" button on the right side of your verified additional email address. Email address cannot be deleted while it is used as primary.

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