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Managing chat notifications

  1. Finding tokens
  2. Setting up notifications on Semaphore
  3. Modifying notification policies
    1. Choosing for which branches build notifications are sent
    2. Choosing for which servers deploy notifications are sent

Semaphore features a chat notification system that lets you receive status update messages directly in Campfire, Flowdock, HipChat, and Slack.

# Finding tokens

For Slack, within a chat room open the cog ("Change settings") > "Add an app or integration". Search for "Semaphore", select a channel and you'll reach instructions and integration settings, as below.

Slack integration settings for Semaphore

Copy the webhook URL, save the integration and open return to Semaphore.

For Hipchat, see a separate guide for finding the right token.

# Setting up notifications on Semaphore

Head over to your project settings, click on the Notifications tab, and choose your service. The screenshots feature Slack settings, but the build and deploy forms are identical across all services.

Setting up notifications

Note that notifications can only be set up and modified by users who have admin access to a project.

# Modifying notification policies

For both builds and deploys, Semaphore offers several filters to better control what information you're subscribed to:

  • Always — Notify after every build or deploy.
  • Never — Do not notify after any build or deploy.
  • Failed only — Notify only if the build or deploy fails (or is stopped manually).
  • Change status (applies to builds only) — Notify only the build breaks, continues to fail, or has been fixed.

# Choosing for which branches build notifications are sent

Specifically for builds, you may choose to only receive notifications for a certain subset of branches. You can do this by selecting From whitelist in the Select branches dropdown box. A whitelist will appear, accepting Ruby regular expressions. Each line specifies a branch name pattern for which notifications will be sent.

Branch whitelist

If you want to match exactly one specific branch, use exact pattern matching like ^production$.

# Choosing for which servers deploy notifications are sent

If your project has deployment set up, a deploy section will appear in your chat notification settings, along with a checkbox list of configured servers. Untick any servers for which you do not wish to receive deploy notifications.

Server checkboxes

Save your settings, and you're done!

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