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Setting up continuous integration for an Elixir project on Semaphore

When your Semaphore account is created and linked with GitHub or BitBucket, you're ready to setup continuous integration for your Elixir project.

In this example, we will use a fork of the Phoenix Framework. It is a web development framework aiming to provide a pleasant development experience like Ruby on Rails and high performance using the Elixir programming language. It comprises the top level of the flexible Plug (middleware) and Cowboy (Erlang web server) stack.

In the first step, we will choose GitHub as the source of our repository.

Once the projects are fetched from the connected GitHub account, we select phoenix.

Select master from the list of available branches.

Semaphore will do a brief analysis of the project and suggest some useful commands to speed up the setup process. However, these commands can be changed at any time in project settings.

We will leave the suggested commands intact and start our first build.

The project has been successfully integrated with Semaphore, taking full advantage of continuous integration.

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