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Java Continuous Integration

This document contains information related to projects based on the Ubuntu 14.04 image. If you are using the Ubuntu 18.04 image for your projects, please refer to this page.

If you are using the Ubuntu 14.04 image and you want to switch to Ubuntu 18.04, be sure to check our upgrade guide.

Semaphore supports the following Java versions:

  • OpenJDK 7u181
  • Oracle JDK 8u181
  • Oracle JDK 9.0.1
  • Oracle JDK 10.0.2

Switching between Java versions is done by adding the following command to your build commands:

change-java-version <version>

Valid values for <version> are 1.7 or 7 for OpenJDK 7 and 1.8 or 8 for Oracle JDK 8. The default Java version is openjdk-7.

To use change-java-version in a bash script, use the following command to load it:


source /opt/

The Semaphore stack includes:

  • Gradle (4.1)

  • Apache Maven (3.5.4)

  • Scala (2.11.11, 2.12.6)

List of all packages and versions is available on the supported application stack page.

Semaphore Docs are open source — Edit on GitHub


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