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Enabling Test file performance Insights

If you want Semaphore to show Test file performance Insights on your project, you can start by enabling this particular feature:

  1. Follow the Insights link on your project page.

  2. Go to Test file performance tab.

    You will see a list of currently supported frameworks.

  3. Choose a framework for which you want to enable Test file performance Insights.

    For example, if you're using RSpec and Cucumber, and you want Test file performance Insights for both frameworks, you'll need to enable them for each framework separately.

  4. Click Enable.

    After this, each time you run a build, Semaphore will gather data on build running time for that project.

    You can click Start build right away, and it will build your project's latest code revision. You need at least one successful build after clicking the Enable button in order to be able to get a report on your test files.

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