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Semaphore as a Heroku add-on pricing

Besides regular accounts offered via, Semaphore's continuous integration and continuous delivery service is also available through a Heroku add-on.

The Heroku add-on is applied per project on Semaphore. Heroku project is the one which you configure after provisioning the add-on. The add-on pricing is designed with that limitation in mind, and varies based on number of boxes available to that project for parallel jobs.

A project created via Heroku add-on can belong to any organization account on Semaphore, but it cannot use the box resources that otherwise belong to that organization account — only the boxes allocated to it by according to the Heroku add-on.

Billing of the Heroku add-on is managed by Heroku and incorporated in the invoice of your Heroku application.

Accounts created directly on can accommodate an unlimited number of projects, and the billing is managed by Semaphore. Boxes allocated by the account can be shared among all projects that belong to that account.

# Monitoring usage of Heroku Nano (Free plan)

You can see the current status of your Heroku add-on plan and usage in project settings > Heroku Add-on tab.

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