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Generic Deployment

Using the Generic deployment method on Semaphore is an easy way to set up continuous deployment for your own tools and servers.

To get started, go to your project's page and click on the "Set Up Deployment" button.


This will launch a simple five-step process.

# Deployment method

The first step is to select Generic Deployment.


# Deployment strategy

The next step is choosing your deployment strategy. Semaphore supports two deployment strategies, Automatic and Manual. You can read more about them here.


If you chose automatic deployment, you need to chose a branch whose successful build should trigger a deploy. If you chose manual deployment, this step is skipped.


# Deploy commands

Enter custom commands you need Semaphore to execute. Here you can use your custom deployment tools and scripts.


# SSH key

This step is optional. If your server requires an SSH key for deployment, you need to copy the contents of your private key here.


We recommend generating one specifically for Semaphore. Semaphore will safely encrypt it. Make sure that the corresponding public key is present in the server's authorized_keys list.

Through these steps you give Semaphore permission to access your server and successfully execute deploy commands.

Note: The private key will be encrypted on Semaphore and will be available only during the deployment process. After the initial setup, it is not possible to change it through the Semaphore interface. You can identify it with the fingerprint on the project settings page.

# Server name

Next, you can choose a name for the Server, Semaphore will automatically generate a name for you, but it is recommended to change it to something meaningful for your application and/or server.


This completes the generic deployment setup. You are now ready to deploy your application to your server.


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