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Setting up continuous delivery with a custom or on-premise container registry

Docker brought many good things to the world of distributed applications and containerization, and one of these things is the ability to have your own private container registries for Docker images.

Setting up your Custom Registry with Semaphore is pretty straightforward and quick.

If you haven't already enabled using Docker with your project, be sure to consult our documentation page on setting up continuous integration for a Docker project on Semaphore, and enable Docker integrations for your project.

Projects that are set up as Docker projects will have container registry integrations available through project settings.

Configuring the Custom Registry project add-on will enable you to push and pull your images without explicitly having to log into your Custom Registry during builds and deployments. To achieve this, do the following:

  • visit your project on Semaphore and click on "Project settings" in the upper right corner of your screen
  • select "Docker Registry"
  • select the "Custom Container Registry" integration

Next, you will be prompted with three input fields:

  • Username,
  • Password, and
  • Server — your custom registry server.

After you have entered your credentials, click "Save". All of your credentials will be encrypted and saved by Semaphore.

You can now push or pull images from your custom registry through Semaphore.

docker push your_registry_address/repository_name

Happy building!

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