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Setting up continuous delivery with Google Container Registry

Google Container Registry is a private container registry for managing Docker images. In order to use Google Container Registry (GCR), you will need a Google account.

Setting up Google Container Registry (GCR) for your project is simple and straightforward.

If your project is not set up as a Docker project, you should check out our documentation page on setting up continuous integration for a Docker project on Semaphore for more information.

Configuring your project as a Docker project will enable you to set up Docker registry integrations in project settings.

By adding the Google Container Registry integration, you will be able to push and pull images effortlessly, without having to worry about authentication.

In order to get the data needed for enabling the GCR integration, you will need to:

  1. Visit the Google Cloud Platform.
  2. Choose a project you want to integrate with Semaphore. Select Project on Google Cloud Platform
  3. Click "IAM & Admin" in the left-hand menu. Select IAM & Admin on Google Cloud Platform
  4. Go to "Service accounts" and click "Create service account". Click Create service account on Google Cloud Platform
  5. Type in a name that is meaningful to you. We named the account Semaphore, since we are making an integration with Semaphore. Make sure to attach a Storage Admin role to the service account if you plan to pull and push Docker images. You can view Permissions and Roles for GCR in the Google Cloud Platform documentation. Tick "Furnish a new private key", and leave "JSON" selected. Finally, click "Create", and the public/private key JSON file will be saved to your disk. Create Service account on Google Cloud Platform Store this file somewhere safe — you won't be able to retrieve it again from the Google Cloud Platform.
  6. Be sure to enable Google Container Registry API so you can push and pull images.

After you've followed the steps on Google Cloud Platform, there are a few steps to be completed on Semaphore as well:

  • visit your project on Semaphore and click on "Project settings" in the upper right corner of your screen
  • select "Docker Registry"
  • select the "Google Container Registry (GCR)" integration

Choose your GCR region and copy the contents of the JSON file you downloaded earlier from the Google Cloud Platform.

Once you've copied the contents, click "Save". Semaphore will safely encrypt and store your Google credentials.

You can now push or pull images from Google Container Registry through Semaphore.

docker push

Happy building!

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