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Deploying via Cloud 66

Cloud 66 makes it easy to provision, deploy and manage your applications on any cloud. Semaphore has native integration for deployment through Cloud 66.

Make sure your stack is deployed with Cloud 66. Learn more about deploying Rails stacks with Cloud 66.

To get started, find your desired project and follow "Set Up Deployment" link under list of the branches.

Set Up Deployment

Select Cloud 66 from the list of Deployment Methods and choose Automatic.

Deployment Method

Deployment Strategy

You will be redirected to your Cloud 66 account and asked if you give Semaphore permission to deploy your stacks on your behalf.

OAuth Access Rights

Select the project you would like to deploy once the tests are successful.


Note that while Semaphore tracks every deploy in the project timeline, it sends a blank request to Cloud66 to perform the actual deployment work. If it fails for some reason, Cloud 66 will inform you.

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