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Connecting a Git Service Account

Currently, Semaphore supports adding repositories from GitHub and Bitbucket. To connect your Semaphore account to your GitHub or Bitbucket account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the Semaphore homepage and select "Settings",
  2. Choose the "Git Services tab" and click on the appropriate button to connect your Semaphore account to your GitHub or Bitbucket account,

adding git services

3.Choose if you'd like to give Semaphore access to public projects only, or both private and public.

public private repos

Note: If you're connecting Bitbucket account, this step is skipped because Bitbucket only supports giving access to both private and public repositories at the same time.

After you authorize Semaphore to access your account for the chosen Git service, you should see that Semaphore has a working connection.

working repo

You now have successfully connected your Semaphore account to GitHub. You can follow the same steps again to connect to Bitbucket.

# Restoring an invalid Git Service Connection

To check if your Git service connection is valid, you can go to the Git Services tab. If you have an invalid connection, Semaphore will detect this, and offer you the options to either restore your connection, or remove it.

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