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CruiseControl status

Semaphore provides CruiseControl status (CCTray / CCMenu) API endpoint.

This endpoint requires the user to provide his authentication token via auth_token parameter. To see your authentication token and project hash id, open a project’s settings, then find the “API” tab.


# Arguments

  • auth_token users authentication token
  • hash_id of the project

# Response

  <Project name="semaphore - development" activity="Sleeping" lastBuildStatus="Success" lastBuildLabel="1197" lastBuildTime="2013-08-20T12:48:38+00:00" webUrl=""></Project>
  <Project name="semaphore - shields_badges" activity="Sleeping" lastBuildStatus="Success" lastBuildLabel="2" lastBuildTime="2013-04-10T11:04:49+00:00" webUrl=""></Project>
  <Project name="semaphore - master" activity="Sleeping" lastBuildStatus="Success" lastBuildLabel="143" lastBuildTime="2013-08-20T12:51:44+00:00" webUrl=""></Project>
  <Project name="semaphore - staging" activity="Sleeping" lastBuildStatus="Success" lastBuildLabel="62" lastBuildTime="2013-08-20T12:50:09+00:00" webUrl=""></Project>

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