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Caching between builds

Installing application dependencies can take a significant amount of time, so Semaphore caches them to make your build time shorter. Dependency directories for Clojure, Node.js, Ruby and Scala projects are currently cached by default. The full list of cached directories, relative to your repository is as follows:


Generic cache directory .semaphore-cache is located in /home/runner/your-app/.semaphore-cache. The full path is available in SEMAPHORE_CACHE_DIR environment variable. In case you need to download a lot of dependencies it's a good idea to keep them in this cache directory.

We try to keep our cache hit percentage high. At the moment it is around 90%. So in case of writing a custom builds script that facilitates Semaphore cache keep in mind that it might be a miss. Getting to 100% hit rate is our short term goal.

If we are not caching packages of your favourite language, please let us know how you are using them and we will expand our system.

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