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Build sequence

The build sequence on Semaphore consists of the following steps.

# Checkout revision from GitHub

When the GitHub webhook hits Semaphore, your repository is initialized to the specified revision.

Your repository along with its dependencies will, in most cases, be retrieved from cache. For more information, please see this page.

# Start build VM

A new virtual machine is booted. It comes preinstalled with the platform's supported stack. Extending it is also easy.

# Copy code to VM

Your code will be placed in /home/runner/:project_name.

# Emulate display

Xvfb (X Virtual Framebuffer) is launched for running tests that require GUI, such as those backed by Selenium.

# Export all environment variables

For a full list of available variables, please see this page.

# Create Semaphore cache directory

Semaphore caches directories for Ruby and Node.js projects by default, but we also provide .semaphore-cache directory which you can use custom caching. For more information on this topic, please read about caching between builds.

# Write configuration files

Any configuration file you've added is written to disk.

# Run your build commands

These are the commands specified in your project's build settings. The current directory is set to /home/runner/:project_name.

For language related questions please consult one of our dedicated guides found in the sidebar, under Language Support.

# Export job result

After all build commands for a specific job are completed, Semaphore exports SEMAPHORE_THREAD_RESULT which can be used in after job commands.

# Run after job commands

After job commands are executed after build commands on each job, regardless of whether the build commands passed or failed.

# Cache repository and vendor dependencies

Project's git history and any vendor dependencies are cached for later reuse.

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