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Adding more SSH keys

Semaphore automatically sets up a deploy key needed for CI, and asks you for another deploy key when setting up deployment with Capistrano. However, some projects require additional SSH keys. Some use cases include:

For all SSH keys you add Semaphore will automatically:

  1. Create a file with the name you choose.
  2. Run chmod 600 ~/.ssh/ssh_key_name to make the key usable by OpenSSH.
  3. Run ssh-add ~/.ssh/ssh_key_name.

Here's how you can do that. Open your project settings, "Configuration Files" tab. Click to add a new file.

Name your new file .ssh/custom_id_rsa.

Check the "Encrypt file" box. This will tell Semaphore to use asymmetric encryption to store and use the content of this file.

Paste the content of your private SSH key. This key should be passwordless, to avoid a blocking prompt for a password during a build or deploy. We recommend that you generate and use this key only on Semaphore.

This what the form would look like at this point:

Finally, click "Create File" to save it.

Now, before every build or deploy, Semaphore will create a file called ~/.ssh/custom_id_rsa and add it to ssh-agent.

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