Tigera’s open-source product Calico moves from multi-repo to mono-repo setup with Semaphore

  • ⛔️️ undergo testing across multiple platforms with a self-managed CI
  • ⛔️️ setup requires high parallelism for faster feedback.
  • ✅ running automated tests in parallel without worrying about managing the CI platform
  • ✅ multiplied capacity with C1 machines

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How has your CI/CD setup changed since you moved your open-source product Calico to Semaphore?

We have moved from a multi-repo setup to a mono-repo. This helps us keep our components in one place.

How has Semaphore impacted your team’s productivity and efficiency?

We use Semaphore to build and test our products. Our solutions need to undergo testing across multiple platforms, including various Kubernetes distributions. Manual execution of these tests is not feasible. Semaphore facilitates running automated tests in parallel, thereby saving time.

For our cross-platform end-to-end (e2e) runs, we need high parallelism. The smaller C1 machines allow us to efficiently run these light workloads while keeping costs in check.

How has Semaphore shown its commitment to your team’s long-term goals?

Semaphore has partnered with us for a while. You have provided us with preferential pricing that enables us to support our unique needs. The custom machine executors (C1) help us multiply our capacity while keeping costs in check.

You have access to c1 generation machines, Pipeline Insights and Deployment Targets – what type of support these elements provide to your team?

The smaller C1 generation machines have been very helpful to us in parallelizing runs of our light workloads while keeping costs in check.

What other benefits have you seen while working with Semaphore, such as improved ease of use, productivity, stability, and reduced maintenance?

Semaphore understands customer’s needs and has helped reduce our development costs.

What do you appreciate most about working with Semaphore?

The team’s support and flexibility is commendable. They appreciate feedback and take into account user’s pain points.

Why would you recommend Semaphore to other teams facing similar CI/CD challenges?

Customer support and prompt response. Great uptime and ease of use.


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“It’s way faster and we just pay Semaphore for the number of build seconds we actually use. As we’ve spent a bit of time optimizing our build speed, each build costs about 10 cents.”

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