Powering continuous integration for open source projects.

Semaphore launched in 2012 as a hosted continuous integration service for private projects, built for speed and simplicity.

Fast forward two years of successful bootstrapping, in August 2014 Semaphore announced that its continuous integration and deployment platform is available for open source projects, free of charge.

Since then thousands of individuals and organizations enjoying Semaphore's high-performance CI service and beautiful user interface.

Open source organizations and companies on Semaphore

Organizations simplify project management inside groups and include a fine grained permission system

and upgrade the development process of your team.

Semaphore supports open source

Open source projects

continuously delivered.


A feature-complete framework built on React and Flux.


Open source software to collaborate on code.


A structured document storage module.


The back-end posting tool for publishing articles on Artsy.


End-to-end water hub data management platform for Susteq Kenya.


Crowdsourced learning and agile software development.

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